What can you use a yurt for?

Yurts are versatile and inclusive structures, their circular shape and warm, strong materials produce an environment that’s both practical and beautiful. From sleep and rest to work and creativity, the yurt space is always inspiring.

Some of the ways a yurt can be used include:

Inside a Millie's Yurt
A bespoke yurt by Millie's Yurt

Garden office or studio

If you’re fed up with commuting or want to move your home office that bit further away, a yurt can be a cost-effective way to build your own garden studio.  Bring electricity and wifi from the house, or use solar panels and a dongle.  Bright and spacious inside, it’s a blank canvas that you can tailor to your needs, whatever your business or passion.

Spare room

Create a perfect escape at the bottom of the garden. Whether you have a growing teen who needs their own space or would like to be able to put guests up in style, a garden yurt makes a brilliant spare room. Keep it simple and pared back or indulge all your interior-decorating fantasies, either way it’s a space apart from the house to make your own.

A millie's Yurt in a field of yellow flowers
View to blue skies

Retreat or therapy space

If your business is wellness – emotional or physical – there can be no better place to treat clients than in nature. A yurt lends you all of nature’s best healing tools, from fresh air and green vistas to silence and peacefulness, all within a warm and welcoming space your clients will love.

Event or party space

Yurts provide something a bit special, a quirky unique twist to any party or gathering.  Spacious and welcoming, they are a portable, beautiful and affordable structure to rent.  We understand how important this event is to you so will work with you to create a space that reflects your style.

Yurts and A-frames are perfect for festivals and parties

Glamping or Airbnb space

Yurts provide the perfect back-to-nature camping experience with a modern, comfortable twist. Whether you want a yurt in the garden to run an Airbnb, or are looking to expand your glamping offer, or simply want to offer “pop up glamping” over the summer, we can help!

Outdoor education hub

If you’re a school, forest school or running courses, a yurt makes a perfect hub for all your outdoor learning activities. With a cosy interior and easy access to the outside, it’s the perfect indoor-outdoor space. There’s plenty of room inside for storing all your equipment, and the circular space invites contemplation and discussion.

Yurt with chimney for a woodburner
Forest school taking place in a Millie's Yurt

Festival glamping

If you want to offer a festival glamping experience, yurts are the answer. Beautiful and sturdy, they can cope with even the worst of our climate, giving your guests a good night’s sleep whatever the weather. Clustered together they make an attractive festival village.