Buy a yurt

My parents bought a yurt from Emily last year to have in their field to rent out for glamping. We went to Emily’s workshop to discuss what they wanted. She was very informative and you can see very passionate about her yurt making. Her lovely personality and knowledge makes the whole process so easy. Once it was made it was great to build it onsite all together. We have such great reviews from our guests about the yurt.Annabel Canavan, Millie’s Yurt owner

The joy of a yurt is that it is a versatile space that you can make your own. Use this section to explore your options and start to create your perfect space. When you’re ready, please get in contact! We’re here to talk it through and help you design a yurt that you, your visitors or your clients will love.

Custom built yurts

Design options

Our yurts are all handmade to order so you can decide on all aspects of your yurt. Here’s a list of some of the design options you can choose from.

Constructing a yurt onsite

How the process works & prices

All our yurts are bespoke and we want to ensure they are perfect for your needs and site. Read more about the process and get an idea of our prices.

The yurt crown

Design your yurt

Use our step-by-step form to help you start planning your yurt and enable us to quote for you.  It will also help us give you the best advice about creating your perfect yurt.

Creating the yurt base


We know the importance of choosing the right base for your yurt. Our guide will help you make the right decision for you and your site.

Yurt covered in snow

Yurt care

To make sure your yurt stays in great condition we offer maintenance plans.  We also have tips for how you can look after your yurt through the seasons.

Bespoke a-frame made by Millie's Yurts

Bespoke projects

Alongside our yurts, we make other structures such as A-frames, pizza oven covers and theatre structures. We are also known for our bespoke canvas sewing.