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Choose a  stress-free maintenance packages to give yourself peace of mind. we can create   a bespoke  plan suitable for all your requirements.

How to take care of your yurt – tips for a long yurt life

To keep your yurt looking good and lasting longer follow our yurt care tips. You can also take advantage of one of our maintenance packages above, for peace of mind in keeping your yurt in tip-top condition.

Here at Millie’s Yurts, we have the following mantra:
Care for your yurt frame – and it will outlive you!
Care for your yurt canvas – and it will last many seasons!
Care for your yurt regularly – and maintenance will be easy!

Tip #1 Good installation is a must

Good siting can make a difference and we recommend that the door is away from the prevailing wind and not under any trees.

Good installation prevents many problems arising in the first place.  Avoid unnecessary strain on your covers seams by having your yurt erected correctly. Fixing your yurt down to the base is important and easy enough to do. We will show you how to do this when we come to install it for you.

Tip #2 Say boo to damp and condensation

Whilst our canvas cover comes fully waterproofed and rot resistant, it’s still at risk from mould if not cared for well. Mould is hard to get rid of so it’s important not to let it get there in the first place. The one rule is mould loves damp so avoiding damp conditions inside the yurt is the way to go.

Damp on the inside of your yurt comes from two sources: i) from moisture diffusing through the canvas from the outside and ii) from condensation on the inside, caused when moisture carried in warm air hits a cold surface.

To stop moisture getting in from outside, make sure your canvas remains waterproofed over the course of your yurt’s lifetime. We offer a re-waterproofing service to help you maintain your cover. It will need to be treated before the third winter if you are keeping it up all year round (depending on your location) and from then on every autumn. We use a product that treats the canvas for rot, water and fire-proofing. Many products on the market are silicon based and just re-waterproof. These will prevent the canvas from breathing and give you no protection from rot or fire. Do get in contact for more information.

To stop condensation on the inside, firstly – think design! If you plan to have your yurt up all or most of the year, then a good floor, good liner insulation and a wood burner stove are your friends.

Insulation keeps the wall temperatures higher so moisture in the warm indoor air doesn’t condense out on them. Regular heating also keeps the wall temperatures from dropping too low. When your yurt is unoccupied, light your wood burning stove every couple of days in periods of wet or cold weather.

Finally, regular ventilation is also important as it helps to remove condensation. If you are using your yurt regularly then it will naturally get ventilation with the opening and closing of the door. If you have no guests, regularly open the doors to invite in fresh air.

A well-cared for canvas should last you 4-8 years, depending on your location. One of our first yurts has been up all year round for 8 years and is still on its first cover!

Need a replacement cover, we can help!

Tip #3 Spot clean your canvas as you go along

Dirt can cause the canvas to stain so as much as possible don’t let it accumulate. As gardeners say about weeding, little and often is our best advice. Remove leaves and twigs as far as you can reach and as regularly as possible. Bird poo is acidic and can cause damage, hence removal is advised.

Whilst dirt stains are less obvious on our signature sand and green canvas covers, it’s still wise to remove dirt stains as often as you can. Use warm water and a soft bristle brush to spot scrub them away. Don’t use detergent as this may damage the proofing on your canvas. A swimming pool brush with an extension handle is a good investment!

Tip 4# Love your wood!

Your wood frame should last a lifetime if kept dry and oiled so it’s worth re-oiling your wood on a regular basis. Every year is the ideal.

First clean the woodwork of any grease or dust by washing it with a damp cloth and drying it off.

The wood can then be lightly sanded and re-oiled with Danish oil to keep it in good condition. Work the oil in well using a rag. Your door will also need to be re-oiled every so often to keep its beautiful appearance and integrity. We recommend you use external Osmo oil. All of this we are happy to do for you either as one of our set maintenance or bespoke care packages.

Tip #5 Good storage for longer life

If you’re dismantling your yurt for the winter, take care how you pack it away. Make sure your yurt is completely dry before folding it, and that your yurt is stored in a dry place.

  • Store the trellis sections by leaning them against a wall (and not flat)
  • Store the roof poles under tension to prevent them from straightening out
  • Store the yurt crown flat (and not on its side).

For stress free dismantling and on-site training, contact us and we can come and dismantle your yurt.

Tip #6 Put a spring clean in your step

Whether you’re taking your yurt out of storage and putting it up for the summer, or whether it’s been up all winter experiencing the worst of the British weather, this is normally the time of year for a good old yurt spring clean.

Take the cover off and re-adjust the liner and insulation. At the same time, give everything a good check over so you feel confident your yurt is ready for the spring and summer ahead. This is especially important for glampsite owners as it pays dividends to be ready for the busy season.

Contact us if you would like us to do a yurt spring clean for you! We’ll erect your yurt after the winter, or can re-adjust the yurt for you. We’ll run a series of checks so you’re ready to go.

Torn canvas? Something’s amiss? Need help?Call us, we can help!