Our yurts

“We are passionate about everything yurty. We love creating spaces which help people slow down, relax, reconnect with each other and their surrounding environment. Yurts are particularly good at creating this kind of magic. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of corners making everyone feel included or the roof poles cascading from the central crown, or that the design has remained unchanged for 3000 years but whatever it is, after my first night in a yurt I was completely hooked.”

Emily, founder of Millie’s Yurts

Naturally handcrafted yurts made with quality materials and experienced craftsmanship. We create a product that you can trust.

Millie’s Yurts has been in production since 2010, with its founder Emily working part time taking commissions to produce one off bespoke structures.  She has worked on a variety of different projects from small to large with the largest yurt cover made at 30 ft diameter.

Her passion for yurts started earlier in 2006 when Emily finished her first yurt and spent a year living in it. She came to appreciate the importance of good design and quality materials.

In 2017 after increased demand and the desire to create spaces Millie’s yurts became a limited company.  What started as a passion for sleeping in the round has now become a thriving business with a five member team.

There’s a great deal of care and time that goes into making our yurts, with each pole hand-crafted and covers made to measure. We use solid oak doors and frames with hand forged hinges for strength and durability. We have carefully chosen our canvas supplier because they treat the materials in the UK and are the most consistent for quality and colour.

To sum up, at Millie’s Yurts we use only the best materials to create a product that lasts, bringing enjoyment from generation to generation. In fact we are so confident that our product is reliable and of high quality that we offer a 15 year guarantee on the frame!