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We offer both seasonal and short term yurt hire – so whether you’re organising a party, want extra beds for a wedding, or would like to rent a yurt for the whole summer to run an Airbnb or glamping site, we can provide this for you.

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Seasonal yurt hire

Handcrafted yurt by Millie's Yurts

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Yurts for every season and reason

More and more UK holiday makers are looking to sustainable tourism when making their holiday choice. Glamping provides that experience, with a smaller carbon footprint and greater connection with nature than more conventional holiday options.

Within glamping, yurts hit all the spots: popular with glampers for their beauty and authentic feel, they’re also reliable and easy to maintain for their owners.

Hire a yurt and experience the magic of the round space!

Heading for a yurt is my favourite way to spend time with my sons.  Between us we love it all – being tucked up inside with board games, running around outdoors, meeting a friendly hedgehog, and having a good cook up on the fire.  It feels a very different sort of time together from our normal and we love it.

Glamping fan, Julia Hardy