Bespoke projects

Here are some of the other projects we have been involved in within our community, alongside our yurt making.


We love this A-frame structure. It’s quick and easy to get up and down and creates a welcoming open space for a festival or party.

In partnership with Dorset Forest School, we worked with adults with mental health issues to make a dry space for their all-year-round green woodworking sessions at Thorncombe Woods Local Nature Reserve, near Dorchester. Together we worked to coppice, spoke, shave and build the A-frame. It was a  wonderful experience.


There’s been a big push for primary schools to improve their outdoor spaces. Some schools have come up with fantastic and creative ideas which we have been excited to be involved in. We have made mud kitchens, cob pizza oven covers and theatre sides for outdoor play areas. Let us know your ideas!

Pizza oven by Millie's Yurts
Canvas Theatre by Millie's Yurts

Camper van

We love exploring the wildest parts of the UK and so do many of our friends. We’ve made a few different things to make journeys more comfortable, like this canvas bunk bed!  If this is something you may be interested in then do get in touch. We’re happy to give advice or make one for you.

Bespoke extra bed for a campervan by Millie's Yurts


We have a regular customer who makes bespoke garden spaces. We create the canvas fronts for these shelters. If you are interested, have a look at their website

Woodscott garden shelter with bespoke canvas by Millie's Yurts

Contact us

If you have a bespoke building or sewing commission you would like to discuss please get in touch!