How the process works & prices

Installation of a yurt

How the process works

Every Millie’s yurt is individually handcrafted with your needs in mind, so before we start making your yurt, we’ll talk with you in detail about your vision. After we start, we’ll communicate with you throughout and you’re welcome to join us at the workshop to see how your yurt is coming along or to have a go at the steam bending experience.

How long will it take?

It takes us around ten weeks to complete a yurt from order to delivery, but this does depend on what is required and how long the waiting list is. We’ll give you a clear idea of timings before we start making your yurt.

How do I pay for my yurt?

Payment for your yurt is in three stages:
50% deposit
25% after 1 month
25% on completion before delivery

How do I get my yurt?

If this is your first time erecting a yurt, we recommend that we come and install it for you on your site. For stress free installation and on-site training, our fee is £250 plus petrol.

How do I maintain my yurt?

With some regular attention, maintenance of your yurt will be easy. Read through our care tips and about the support service  that we cancost for you.

Want to get started?

Fill out our ‘Design your yurt’ form and we’ll be in touch. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about any of the questions in the form, we can happily advise you on any aspect from what size to the fixtures and fittings.


Our prices will vary depending on your requirements.

Summer yurt guide price

This includes frame, cover, pegs and a lockable door.

14 ft £5045
16 ft £6450
18ft £8250
22ft £15650

Call for costs of 24 ,30 ft or larger

Winter yurt guide prices

This includes everything from your summer yurt with an additional insulation and liner to reduce condensation and keep you warm and snug.

14ft £6880
16ft £8450
18ft £10675
22ft £20450

Call for costs of 24 ,30 ft or larger

We quote for floors and wood burners separately as there are many variables depending on your location and requirements. Contact us now for your quote.


Installing a yurt on site

Installing a burner to your yurt


View maintenance services we can offer