Design options

From a basic yurt structure for seasonal use to a fully-wired and heated, all-seasons space, there are plenty of ways to make your yurt your own.

Some design aspects to consider include:


We usually make yurts in 14, 16, 18, 22, 24,

or 30 ft diameters. We can go bigger, just ask.

A bespoke yurt by Millie's Yurt
Installing a large yurt


We believe the yurt experience starts from the ground up, so flooring is important. Ground level floor or on stilts? Single or double-insulated? Plywood, softwood or hardwood?

Flooring is such a fundamental bit to get right, we’ve written a whole page about it! Read more about our flooring options to help you make your decision.

Yurt flooring


We make our frames from locally and sustainably sourced ash.  Each side trellis and roof pole is steam bent and hand-crafted creating a beautifully curved space which is deceptively large, light and airy inside. We use good quality natural Danish oil to nourish and protect the wood. Quality materials and great craftsmanship help to create a sturdy frame that will outlive us.  There are no design decisions for the frame but our 15 year warranty on the frames is good to know!

Yurt frame

External Covers

We make our covers from from high-quality 12 oz poly-cotton canvas, fully proofed against fire, water and rot, and sewn together with poly-cotton anti-wick thread for dry seams.  Whilst we use three main colours sand, olive and white, we recommend using sand and olive because they look better for longer.  A high quality cover is a must – just a colour decision is needed here!

Insulation with liner

Insulation helps keep your yurt cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We make ours from 100% recycled sheep wool, which is naturally fire resistant. Made to measure. this warm and cosy insulation (combined with a woodburner) will enable you to use your yurt all year round.

The insulation comes in a white liner which creates a heavenly reflected light in your yurt.  We hand cut and sew our liners from 9 oz white cotton canvas which is fire, water and rot proofed. The insulation with liner sit behind the wooden lattice, so you still see the beautiful wooden frame.


Choose circular or rectangular windows in a range of sizes. They’re made from a super-clear, flame retardant and UV resistant PVC. They fix open or closed with high-quality, weather-proof velcro.

Round window


Our yurt doors are special.  Each one is individually designed and handmade in our workshop and fitted with traditionally hand-forged, iron latches and hinges. The frames are made from sustainably sourced solid European oak, and the door can be made from oak or an alternative local wood. Whichever option you choose, our doors will add a beautiful aspect to your yurt.

Yurt door


Add a wood burning stove for a cosy natural warmth inside your yurt. We always use double-insulated flue pipe and provide experienced burner installation and advice so you can feel reassured you have a safe burner and the knowledge needed to use and maintain it well.

Yurt with chimney for a woodburner