About us

Product, process, people and the planet are all important to us…

Quality is at the heart of what we do and a quality product is our commitment to you. To achieve this we combine the best materials, experienced craftsmanship and a whole heap of passion.

Dorset offers us an abundance of  inspiration and we never cut corners.  Our yurts are made with natural and locally sourced materials wherever possible, and with the closest adherence to traditional yurt-making techniques. We lovingly steam bend our poles, hand-tie every knot and hand-sew every cover.

How we do something is as important to us as what we’re making. We take pride in the quality and flexibility of our service, and endeavour to make the process an enjoyable one for all our customers. Understanding your needs is at the heart of our design process. Interested in steam bending? You are welcome to come to the workshop and take part in the making of your own yurt!

Alongside our customers, we are committed to building great relationships with our staff and local suppliers. It is through team work that we are able to supply our strong, spacious and beautiful yurts.

​We bring to everything we do our deep love of nature. We believe yurts help people, young, old, friends, families feel more connected to each other, to themselves, and to the world around them. It is this belief that underpins the passion we put into every yurt.  It is our hope that through our business more young people will connect to nature, and that we can help create a generation of future custodians of our planet.

Finally, as an organisation we commit to assessing our carbon footprint each year, to see how we can lessen our impact on the environment.

“No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

David Attenborough

Meet the team

Emily Gainsford

Our founder Emily is our yurt maker extraordinaire! Living under canvas for a year, and handcrafting yurts for over 10 years, she has developed the skills and knowledge to build beautiful, high quality yurts. As a craftswoman, she loves the process of yurt making, from creating the frame, to sewing the covers and assembly, and remains full of wonder at their magic! She is a Level 3 trained forest school leader and a former Director of Dorset Forest School. Passionate about the process of creating experiences that connect people of all ages to each other and nature, she has spent many years teaching tool, fire and practical skills in woods across Dorset.

Tom Woodhouse

Tom makes our yurt frames and doors, working his magic with all things wood.  A qualified carpenter and with a Masters in Sustainable Building, he has spent 15 years honing his wood-working skills in workshops, site carpentry and general building work. He loves the outdoors so  you will find him climbing up a cliff or sailing to relax!

Molly Young

Molly works in our sewing studio creating yurt covers with amazing skill and attention to detail.  With her background in art, textiles and upholstery, she loves working with her hands and finding that tranquil space where her creativity can run wild!

Luke Spencer

Luke is the solution to any problem! He has been a rock over the last three years helping make yurts, installing  and maintaining them. He loves steam bending, working at shows and generally being a clown. What would we do without him?

Clare Smith

Clare is our part time office guru, having worked as project manager for various charities.  When not doing something for Millie’s Yurts, you’ll find her involved in her community, working as a forest school practitioner, or up on the hill with a kelly kettle having breakfast with her family before school!